Oh, what a Franchisee could do with Local Store Sales Tactics!

Oh, what a Franchisee could do with Local Store Sales Tactics!

I am always amazed at restaurant chains that do not offer Local Store Marketing Sales Tactics to franchisees after they finish training and head back home to open their new restaurant.

I highly recommend presenting franchisees with a robust portfolio of Local Store Marketing Sales Tactics as they graduate from Franchise Training School.

I can hear this happening all too many times. “Congratulations Franchisees! You are now graduates of our prestigious Franchise Training School. Soon you will be opening a new restaurant. Your restaurant will be in a new community, in a new state far, far away where no one knows your concept and you may or may not have expertise on how to market your restaurant if sales start declining. Good luck!”

When restaurants open to less than stellar sales, this can be very deflating to employee morale and cause panic in a highly leveraged franchisee. This in turn starts the endless phone calls to the Marketing Department looking for their immediate help with marketing their location.

Once a franchisee’s sales start to decline, most Marketing Departments can’t provide the manpower or Local Store Marketing support needed to a single franchise owner. It takes five times the amount of energy and money to go back into a franchised area to reverse the sales trends. When all you really needed to do was offer Local Store Sales Tactics from the beginning.

That is what we do. Big Idea’s Local Store Sales and Relationship Building Tactics prepare franchisees for the real world. We provide the programs and tactics needed to build community relationships and sales. Our programs teach franchisees how to turn a first-time guest into a regular guest and brand advocate. If you care about your guests, they will care about you and keep coming back.

Plus, who doesn’t like getting fewer frantic phone calls from franchisees. This is enough to make a marketing person smile.

My recommendation for you in 2017, is to let us put together a portfolio of Local Store Sales and Relationship Building Tactics that franchisees can use immediately in their communities once the grand opening festivities are over and restaurant ownership begins. Call us for a quote.

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Clint Schwald founded Big Idea after 25 years of restaurant marketing experience holding senior level positions with Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus, Taco Bell, Chevy’s Fresh Mex and T.G.I. Fridays. Clint has been a featured speaker at a variety of restaurant trade shows and has had articles featured in major publications including Nation’s Restaurant News. He is the creator of the wildly successful Local Store Marketing 90-Day Challenge®.

Build Relationships, Build Sales…Period!

bim-postcard_2According to a Gallup Study, guests who are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth. “Actively disengaged” guests represent a 13% discount in those same measures.

RESTAURANT — CASUAL DINING – Fully engaged customers make 56% more visits per month than actively disengaged customers. – Gallup

RESTAURANT — FAST FOOD – Fully engaged customers make 28% more visits per month than actively disengaged customers. – Gallup

Relationship Building is Key! The most profitable guests are those who have strong emotional bonds with your restaurant.“…they care about you because you care about them.”

It is not just about marketing to your communities, it is about developing relationships with them, earning their loyalty and…keeping them coming back.


This is why we don’t focus on Local Store MarketingWe focus on Local Store Relationships.

Local Store Relationships helps you create Relational Momentum,  which helps you build Relational Equity.

Relational Momentum does not happen by chance……you must take the lead and be intentional about connecting with people and inviting them to your restaurants. Relational Equity increases return visits and puts you on a path to improving guest loyalty and ultimately creating brand advocates. As you build Relational Equity, you gain more trust and influence which translates to more guest frequency and sales.

Big Idea has developed proven relationship building tactics that helps restaurant franchises and operators create Relational Momentum and gain Relational Equity so they can grow their sales and maintain a competitive advantage in their market.

Quit marketing your restaurant in your community and start building valuable relationships and see the sales and guest frequency difference.

Whether you currently have Local Store Marketing tactics or not, we can put together a robust relationship building program that works like a charm. Give us a call and let’s talk.

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